High-current works

  • Cabling
  • Centrals building and connecting
  • Light installation
  • Sockets, switches etc. installation
  • Temporary centrals, building power and lights
  • As-built drawings, central drawings
  • Audit, electrical measuring, protocols

Low-current works

  • Data cabling
  • Data connections
  • Server rack installation
  • Data cabling measuring and protocols

BUilding automation

  • Heating automation
  • Light automation
  • Ventilation
  • Special solutions

Project management

  • Different high- and low current projects 
  • Team organizing
  • Workflow management
  • Documentation of project stages



Since 2019. we have offered quality workforce services in Sweden. Our qoal is to make sure we satisfy our customers needs and create long-lasting cooperation. To fulfill our goals we are working together with WHW School in Stocholm who carries out training for all of our workers. This way our staff is up to date with Swedish labor law’s.

In 2019 we carried out multiple projects in Sweden including shopping centre renovation in Uddevalla, modular apartment building in Gothenburg etc.

Our biggest partner in Sweden is Bravida Sverige AB,, with who we continue working . 



Studioworks OÜ office and studio in Tallinn

Studioworks is a service provider in the world of online casinos. It
specialises in Live Dealer Studio operations.
 SBH Solutions OÜ carried out all high current works and heating-cooling automation setup. 

Cinamon TRIPLA in Pasila Finland

Cinamon Tripla is located in one of the biggest malls in Helsinki – pasila and has 6 halls for the guests. SBH Solutions OÜ carried out high current works in 3 halls, networking in whole cinema and also speaker cabling in all 6 halls. 

European Experience Centre in Tallinn

The European experience centre in Estonia is 1200 m2, being the biggest
in Europe and includes a 360 cinema.
. SBH Solutions OÜ carried out all high current works, heating and cooling automation and ventilation automation that self-regulates airflow according to CO2 reading.

Cinamon ALFA in Latvia

alfa is located in riga, Latvia, has 8 halls which all together fit up to
1360 guests. 
SBH Solutions OÜ carried out all high and low current works. 

Cinamon T1 in Tallinn

The Cinamon T1 multiplex has six screens (five of which with 100-200 seats and the largest of which, Kosmos, has 252 seats). SBH Solutions OÜ helped out with final fitout in high and low current works. 

Cinamon REDI in Finland

Cinamon Helsinki Redi is the first Cinamon cinema in Finland. It has five world-class cinema screens, the largest of which, Kosmos, has 218 seats. SBH Solutions OÜ helped out with final fitout in high and low current works.

TaskBerry is an aplication created by SBH Solutions that makes project management and worktime counting easier. A simple mobile aplication for your workers to track work time and get feedback from different projects. 

Find out more about TaskBerry by clicking on the logo.

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